We began our Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) journey in 2017 by traveling from Colorado to Montana to purchase Lucie Murphy's foundation flock of Bitterroot bred sheep. A special thanks goes to Judy Colvin (Bitterroot) for all of her dedication to breeding outstanding BFLs. Her artificial insemination work produced flock pedigrees that are a "who's who" of most of the UK BFL ram semen importations into the US. We are thrilled with the quality of the lambs that this foundation has produced for us! Our goal is to continue to maintain and improve upon these genetics.

We chose the name “Regal Blue” for our flock for a couple of reasons...

First, the bluefaced leicester breed just has a regal look... their roman-nosed heads held high, their athletic stature, and their stately stride. We noticed that everyone kept using the word regal when they saw our sheep for the first time, and the name stuck.

Second, the term “regal” has been defined as being “fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified”. We strive to breed magnificent BFL sheep!